Product Disclaimer

Jack Horner Interiors has enjoyed 4 decades in the furniture industry.

Based on our extensive experience with timber and furniture manufacturing and antique restoration our products are made from the HIGHEST QUALITY TIMBER ( both recycled and new ).

All timber was previously a living entity, and as such needs to acclimatise to its environment.  Most of us have had experience with the door that swells in winter and shrinks in summer or the movement of timber floorboards that make you jump with the sounds that often accompany the movement.

When dealing with SOLID timber and due to the harsh climate of our continent, we can never guaranty that splits / cracks will not occur as items acclimatise to their environment.

Timber is a hygroscopic material which will absorb moisture in damp conditions or high humidity, and lose moisture in dry, hot conditions or low humidity environments. Timber can therefore develop problems such as splitting, warping or shrinking in areas where extreme conditions are experienced.  It is therefore essential to treat products properly from the start.  Customers should therefore consider the location and placement of their piece of furniture, and a controlled environment is always best.  Avoid placing timber near unprotected windows,  large expanses of glass or close to heaters and air conditioning ducts etc.

Whilst we supply only the finest quality products, and we source only quality timbers ( particularly recycled timber ), we provide a full manufacturers warranty but are unable to provide warranties against environmental issues such as those described above.


Many of our items are made from recycled timber and come with natural imperfections. Timber movement should be considered part of the "rustic appeal" of these items.

We ask that you be reasonable in your expectations.

If you have hesitations based on the above information or if imperfections are a cause  for concern then we suggest that these items are probably not for you and you should consider a different type of purchase....